[Account Access] Insiders Club Access

When you join the Insiders Club, you'll receive a confirmation email from support@namssupport.com. If you don't see it, check your spam folder. Still nothing? Make sure you're looking at the same email account you used to sign up. Many of us use more than one email nowadays and with form filling software, it can be easy to use a different account than the one you intended.

Access to a couple of Insiders Club features is not automatic, you'll need to request it. We do tell you specifically what you need to request access too. Just click "Contact us" at the bottom of the page.

We have a  Private Facebook Group specifically for MyNAMS Insiders. When you request access please make sure that we recognize who you are. Sometimes, someone requests access, but the name is completely different from the account you used to sign up so we can't reconcile the two.

If the name on your MyNAMS Membership do not match the name on your Facebook account, please submit a ticket and tell us who you are on Facebook. Then we can grant immediate access when you request it!

Getting access to MyNAMS Insiders Club Q&A Weekly Sessions is easy just log in to your account and go to the Insiders Club Dashboard. Scroll down and click the icon called Live Q&A. You'll find the most recent on page 1 and then 3 years work of archives at the bottom.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us