[Account Access] How Do I Access ...

To access your products, you first need to get your username and password from the email we sent you and log in the the members area of the appropriate site.

If you’re looking for your tools, you’ll find them at Nams Toolkit.

All your other resources are on MyNAMS.com.

From there, it's the same. Log in and go to the My Account page, then scroll down until you find your product. If it's not there, make sure you are using the same email address you used to order it. 

For the Insiders Club, we have a link near the top of the page.

Still don't see your products? Check that you used your PayPal email to set up your account. You may have inadvertently opened a second account. If so, submit a ticket and let us know what the best email address is for you.

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