[Account Access] Do I Have More Than One Account?

"Help, I think I have multiple accounts."

"I am getting emails from you at more than one email address."

"Why did I get a new user name and password?"

If you are thinking any of the above thoughts, you may have more than one account. Sometimes the autofill on your browser has a mind of its own and uses a different email address that you intended when filling out forms, especially when using PayPal.

Typically, when you’ve made a purchase and can’t find the access in your account, it’s because the PayPal address you used is different.

Check your PayPal email address and see if your product access is there. Then submit a ticket and let us know what the best email address is for you. Having only one account ensures you receive email at only one place AND we are sending you the correct content based on the purchases and actions you’ve taken in the past.

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