Remote Domain doesn't install properly

Setting up the remote domain in your Wordpress plugin for SCT.

The remote domain solves one of two goals:

  1. Set up a separate domain that acts as your own personal link shortener. A good example of that is - all links on that domain are redirect links created in Simple Click Tracker and controlled in
  2. Set up a separate domain for your client. This is a great option for local marketers specifically. You can offer a done-for-you-service to use SCT for your clients and manage their tracking links through YOUR main installation.  

This can be a little confusing, but there are 2 required elements to add a remote domain in your main installation:

  1. A new domain (short and sweet is the way to go) like or You can purchase your domain at - that's our reseller account and we'll help you with that if you have any questions.
  2. A separate hosting account (or cpanel if you have a reseller account). To install a remote domain (that's our term for installing a new tracking domain that doesn't live on your current blog installation), you must have a non-Wordpress domain, preferably a clean cpanel install. It's best to have nothing else on that domain. Once you get a new cpanel account, all you need is the cpanel login credentials to add to the domain installation process in your SCT Wordpress installation.

Watch the tutorials at for further information.

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