Simple Quiz Pre-Sales Questions

Good questions asked by one of our members about Simple Quiz Engine. 

Answers are mixed into: Yes, No, and Coming Soon. 

If you aren't familiar with the NAMSToolkit plugins, we always continue working on these tools because we use them in our business as well.

The big thing to remember is this is "Simple Quiz" so we do not at this time do a lot of analytics. 

We do collect the data so an analytics module will be in the works soon. 

To the questions:

Q: I'm wondering how sophisticated it is, for example, is there a way to do assessments on who may have said Yes to several questions (be able to observe trends without having to count manually)?

Yes, you can review each person's individual choices export the aggregate data. At this point, we leave the analytics to the external spreadsheet tool.

Q: Can people respond to q's with anything other than simple multiple choice or yes/no, true/false?

 Right now, all selections are binary - multiple choice. No open-ended questions. You set up the Yes / No or True / False components in the answers and the results. 

Q: Can they do a pick all that apply in a list?

No. Currently, you can select only one option.

Q: Can they answer any open-ended q's and I use key words on their data afterwards to identify how many times specific key words surfaced in responses?

Coming Soon, that's a pretty sophisticated function found in much more expensive solutions. If we can do it without crippling the other functionality, we may add this feature. (Mainly because I want it too...)

Q: Can it tell people if they are correct or incorrect when they answer?

Yes, that's in the response that you create. The results are driven at the end of the quiz, not in real time per question.

Q: If they are incorrect, what possibly can it do?

It does what you decide in the response. For each question, there is an answer they select. Each Answer elicits a Response from you. But you have to enter all the elements, so literally, you decide what you want them to do.

Q: Can they go back to a previous question?


Q: Does it keep track of how many q's they answered correctly?

Yes, depending on how you design it.

Q: Can we change the graphics to accommodate our branding?

If you mean, the look and feel of the quiz, it inherits (currently) your theme settings. We will be adding a styling option.

Q: How big a sample size can take a particular quiz?

Sky's the limit.

Can it be used for assessments?

Yes, It was built for that reason.

Q: How many questions can it handle in one quiz?

Up to you. We currently have one with 6 questions, 31 responses. But you can do as many and as little as you want.

Q: Can I make multiple quizzes running from my website simultaneously?

Yes, Completely WordPress based, so you can create as many Quiz Pages as you want and even use the same quiz on multiple pages to split test layouts. 

Q: Does it show results in just numeric form or graphic?

Coming Soon, If you are asking about analytics, we don't aggregate results that way. Yet. But I want this feature too and it will be coming soon.

Q: Does it tabulate instantly?

See the answers about analytics. We're not doing that yet, but will be soon.

Q: Do results get displayed both for me for each individual and separately sent to the person taking the quiz?

No and Yes and Coming Soon, the results are stored in the quiz db so that you can select to see replies to questions by individuals. Currently, we only display the results for each question. Soon we'll build a new analytics module to select results by Quiz and by Person. 

Q: Any translation into other languages?

No, but because this uses all the native WordPress WYSIWYG editors, you can write in any language you like. You can even create a quiz in one language and have a native language speaker duplicate and rewrite in that language. So that's kind of a Yes.

Q: Any sound effects or animation integrations?

You can add anything you want in the WordPress WYSIWYG editors, but there's nothing built in.

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