[Billing] Refund Policy for MyNAMS

This typically appears at the bottom of most of our sales pages:

So, if you change your mind for any reason within 30 days of purchase, we'll happily refund your money.  If it's after 30 days, we will not issue a refund.

The refund policy is applicable 30 days from the initial purchase of your product.

A refund for a monthly subscription is only available inside the initial 30 day period of the order. Otherwise you are free to cancel your membership at anytime. 

Payments plans are not a membership; they are a contract to pay for a one time product purchase with a payment plan and are therefore not available for cancellation. The refund policy applies within 30 days of the initial product purchase only and the monthly payment plan is not subject to cancellation after 30 days of the initial product purchase. 

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