License Error Upon Installation

Sometime there are errors upon installation. 

In the few instances we have had, the problems are typically individual errors and is something our developers can fix for you.  

Before you submit your ticket please check the following items

1. You are using the latest version of the Simple Click Tracker Plug In

2. You are using the latest version of Wordpress.

3. (Single Site License Only) You have not installed the plug in on another domain.

4. Checked your license key for errors in input. Too many spaces before or after the key code when copying.

If you have checked the items above and still need to submit a ticket the fastest way to resolve your issue is to give us as much detail as possible. 

First tell us about what theme you are using. Do you have any custom plug ins installed?

What security plug ins are you using? 

If you would like to give our developers temporary admin access to your site, we will be more than happy to take a look and give you an analysis of the issue and the solution.  

The more information you can give us in the initial ticket, the faster we can respond and resolve your issue. 

If you would like to give us temporary admin access you can submit those user credentialss in your support request.

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