[Affiliate Information] Find My Affiliate Commissions

To login to Infusionsoft's affiliate area, click "Affiliates" on the menu and  you'll be taken to the affiliate login page at  http://nams.ws/affiliatelogin

Once logged in, on the left side, click "My Ledger" and a pop up window will appear.

Change the dates (example: 3-1-15 to today's date)

Click the "Refresh Ledger" button and you'll see exactly who your referrals are and the commissions earned. 

Here's how to join our affiliate program:


And here's how to find your links and check your stats:


Commission payments happen when you have reached at least $100 in earnings and typically are payment is guaranteed at the end of the month after the 30 day refund period.

After 30 days, you can get commissions for amounts less than $100, but you must request them in the  support system.

Please Note: Some products may have a payment plan. The way these are created in Infusionsoft is by adding a "finance charge" to the total. The finance charge does not pay a commission, and it is paid first. Affiliate commissions will begin paying out on a monthly basis only after the finance charge has been paid

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