[Account Access] Cannot Log in?

If you are having difficulties logging in, there are a few items to check immediately -

1- Your username is your email address. If you have received an email from us, that is the username on your account.

2- If you copied and pasted either your username or password, it's possible there's a space either before or after what you pasted. Or it could be saved that way if you are using an automatic password manager like RoboForm or LastPass.

You can tell for sure if you paste the username and password on separate lines in Notepad. The cursor will either be flush left or at the end of each line. The cursor should NOT have a space after it or be on the next line (that's the hidden space that will cause the login to fail).

You may also try typing (rather than pasting) the information to be sure there are no spaces.

OR . . . you may simply need to clear your temporary internet files, close all browser windows/tabs so the changes take effect, and then when you reopen your browser, try logging in again.

3- Ensure you are using the correct email address. Many times Chrome or other browsers auto fill order forms. While you intended to use one email address, you actually submitted a different one because of the auto fill feature. Check your default email address or your paypal email address. If you have a payment receipt email, that is the email your account is set under.

Don't worry. You can change or update your email address anytime once logged in.

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