How do I Cancel my Subscription for SVMS?

You can cancel your monthly subscription to SVMS by submitting a support ticket. Click “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page and we will process your request.

***** As soon as your refund is processed, your license key is NO LONGER VALID and any videos on your site WILL NOT WORK. If you are actively using SVMS on your site, you will need to install a new video player and move your video files to ensure there is no interruption of service to your customers. 

****** Simple Video Management System, NAMS Toolkit, MyNAMS and NAMS, Inc is not responsible for video performance on your site once a refund is issued and license is suspended. 

****** Only purchases after June 1, 2016 are subject to a monthly fee. We may offer one time purchase specials periodically at our discretion. If you purchase our product for a one time fee and currently have a monthly subscription it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription and change your licensing on your website(s) or client sites if using a developers license.

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